Active speakers

Abacus A-box 10


2 way active system

Price pair: €1190,- (incl. VAT)
Frequency response 16…200-20.000Hz


Digital input


analog input

RCA Line-Input

Balanced input (XLR or 6,3mm jack)


16,5cm (6,5”) Woofer

25,4mm (1”) Tweeter





Crossover at 2500Hz

Bass roll-off continuously adjustable from 16 Hz to 200 Hz

H x W x D

210×235×353,5 mm

10 Liter




2 way active

Price 1300 EUR (pair)
Frequency response 48 Hz - 50 kHz
THD 90dB/1m > 100 Hz ≤0.6 %
Long term output ≥103 dB
Max. peak ≥111 dB

ART tweeter

2 mid/woofer



Digital input


analog input XLR / RCA

3 x 25 W / 40 W A/B


2800 Hz

Height x Width x Depth 34" (865 mm) x 5.5" (135 mm) x 7.5" (185 mm)

Airpulse Model One $995.00/pair

  • Proprietary horn loaded Ribbon Tweeter.
  • Cast frame under-hung coil woofer with hard anodized Aluminum cone.
  • 25mm MDF enclosure with real Cherry wood veneer.
  • 70 watt ( woofer)and 20 watt( tweeter) amplifiers electronic 24dB/Octave crossover
  • DSP error correction for ultra flat frequency response 40-20KHz
  • Remote control for level and input select.
  • Analog, digital coax, optical and Balance line inputs.
  • Accepts up to 192 KHz digital.
  • Rear Bass and Treble and Volume adjustment.
  • Proprietary elliptical air flowed vent for high level low distortion bass.
  • Universal voltage 85-260 volt AC power input.


Added 2019

AGM 3.3

3-way active with SPDIF input

Added 2016

APS Trinity € 2.490,00


3 way active with analog input

Added 2016

Audio Pro Lving LV3 - 1.699 (pair)


Powered wireless loudspeaker system

with DSP, 3-way bass reflex cabinet.

Left, mono or right switchable.


Amplifier: 100W + 2 x 35W digital Class D,

Adaptive biquad coefficients for EQ and DRC filters.

Thermal and short-circuit protection.

High damping factor provides more accurate soundreproduction.

Tweeter: 3 x 1” silk dome

Midrange: 4.5”

Woofer: 6 1/2”

Frequency range: 30 – 24.000Hz

Crossover frequency (digital): 300/3000Hz (24/24dB/octave L/R)

Dimensions HxWxD: 750x220x220 mm


Built-in wireless receiver in each speaker

- Wireless full CD quality sound

- Remote control for master and zone volume

- Easy setup, get wireless music in seconds

- Wireless range room to room: Up to 20 meters

- Wireless range same room: Up to 50 meters

- Wireless range open field: Up to 100 meters

- No interference or audible delays

- Works with both Mac and PC

- Plug ‘n play, no software needed

- Extensive multiroom possibilities

- RF band: 2.4GHz

- Sample rate: 48 KHz

- Dedicated proprietary protocol network

AudioSense Open Baffle


Active ready open baffle system.

5 ScanSpaker units, Berylium tweeter.

Active x-over (& room correction) by DEQX.


Price € 9250,- (pair)
Including DEQX: € 11.400,- 

DEQX HDP3 with digital out and 3 x Mytek dac: € 16.150,-


Audiovector Si3 Signature Active Discreet £6,750/pair

Audio is received by a hub connected to class D amplifiers build into the cabinet.

Audiovector says you can stream to it but no information about the protocol used.

Available for several models.


Digital input: 20 Hz - 48 kHz (optical 96 kHz)
Analog input: 2V RMS/10 kOhm
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
THD: 1 kHz < 0.015%, - 6dB below full volume
Output Power 0.4%THD 3 x 70W peak in each speaker - 420W total system power
S/N Ratio >102 dB (A-weighing)
Efficiency > 94%
Crossovers: 12dB Bessel linear phase
Crossover frequencies: 300 Hz/2800 Hz by 3 Active DSP's

Added 4/2014

Audium Comp 8 Air

Beside SPDIF this model also support DLNA and Airplay.

These boxes and an app is all you need to build a system.

  • DSP
  • Room adaption
  • Bass-Management
  • AUDIUM App
  • Fullrange Ø: 100 mm (4")
  • Woofer Ø: 220 mm (9")
  • SPDIF Rate: up to 24/192 (opt+coax)
  • Amp Power Fullrange: 50W
  • Amp Power Woofer: 130W
  • Power Supply Output: 36V/200W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 250 x 1020 x 340 mm
  • Weight: 25 kg





2 way active system

Price $ 12.000 (pair)
Frequency Response

80Hz–17kHz (±2dB)

60Hz–22kHz (±6dB)

Matched Response :±0.5dB


±80° Coherent Horizontal,

±10° Coherent Vertical

Digital input


analog input Balanced (XLR)

200w LF, 50w HF
Class A (to 2/3 max power)



Frequency : 2.8kHz


Avantgarde acoustic - Zero 1


3 way active speaker with 2 horns for mid and treble.

All the digital inputs.

Crossover and room adjustment implemented in DSP


Price € 9000

Subwoofer: 30 – 250 Hz
Midrange horn: 250 – 2.000 Hz
Tweeter horn: 2.000 – 20.000 Hz

Digital input





analog input Optional (AD converter)

2 x 50 watts + 1 x 400 watts


DSP: 6 channel, 66-bit FPGA

Filter steepness Up to 100 dB/octave
Filter type Progressive FIR filters
Phase shifts < 5 degrees
DAC 3 x 24-bit Burr & Brown
Master/slave radio link 2.4 GHz ISM/SRD
Amplitude linearization* Yes
Phase linearization* Yes
Room adjustment/equalization* 100 EQs, each with 16,000 frequency points
Weight 30 kg

490 x 1040 x 318 mm


AVI DM10  £1500 


Technical Specifications

Power amplifiers: High speed, linear, analogue bipolar, 75 WPC for the tweeters and 250 WPC for the bass drivers. System distortion is typically better than 0.002%.

Crossovers: Active 8th order Linkwitz-Riley @ 2.0kHz

Preamplifier: High quality state of the art analogue preamplifier with two digital and one analogue input. Control is remote and volume settings are remembered for each separate input.

Volume control resolution: 1/2 dB steps 100dB range.

DAC: Wolfson WM8741 24/192 with SRC to 24/96 Stereo with optical S/PDIF.

Bass driver: Very high power handling, unique purpose designed long excursion 6.5" paper cone drive unit with 1.5" voice coil, copper shorting ring and exceptionally broad bandwidth to enable a phase perfect crossover at 2.00kHz. Bass extension is better than - 6dB @ 50 Hz.

Tweeter: 1" silk dome tweeter with exceptional linear travel and twin copper shorting rings -3 dB point of greater than 30 kHz.

System Amplitude Response: better than 30Hz - 20 kHz.

Low Frequency Response: 6dB at 50Hz