Active speakers

Schanksaudio - Monitor 1 € 4.990,- (pair)

Closed cabinet

DSP: 24 bit / 48 kHz

390 x 250 x 320 mm

Added 2015

sE Munro Egg 150 Monitoring System € 2.168,00 excl. VAT

Active speakers with external amplification

Volume: 14 litres
Vented box configuration
Box tuning frequency: 51Hz


Amplifier unit
Electronically balanced input stage
Analogue active crossover filters
Crossover frequency: 2.1kHz
LF amplifier: 50W rms
HF amplifier: 50W rms
HF Driver
25mm silk dome
Neodymium magnet
Power rating: 40W rms, 80W music
Sensitivity: 95dB 1W/1m
LF Driver
165mm Polypropylene cone
Power rating: 50W rms, 100W music
Sensitivity: 89dB 1W/1m

SP Acoustics SP1MA

Active, 3 way , infinite baffle (sealed box) studio monitor with crossover done in DSP ( 96Khz and 24Bit ).

Price: £10,950.00 Pair



3/4” (19mm) selected fabric dome

Mid Drivers:

4” (100mm) critically terminated paper cone.

Bass Drivers:

6 1/2” (165mm) hardened aluminium cones.

Frq. Response:

35Hz - 35kHz (+/- 3dB room corrected)


Balanced XLR

Max SPL:

118 dB

Power Output:

500W (300W/100W/100W)

Standby Power:



Digital 24 Bit / 96 Khz


1060mm (H) x 460mm (D) x 350mm (W)


120 litre. Dual chamber, Ceramic CLD construction.


57 kg each


Seaton Sound Catalyst


3 way active with coax mid/tweeter driver


Price $3,495.00 each
Frequency Response 55-21kHz



16" wide, 38" tall, 14" deep

Digital input


Analogue input XLR
  • ICEpower
  • 300W powering the coaxial 1" Neodymium compression tweeter
  • 700W powering the 8" midrange (coaxial with tweeter)
  • 1000W powering the pair of 12" sealed woofers.

24-bit/96kHz DSP executing the crossover design and response contouring.


Silbersand FM modules

You can combine bass, midrange and tweeter modules.
An example:

Active speaker system FM 303M
Sensor controlled
Tthree ways
Four amplifiers

1 Tweeter

2.750,- €

1 Midrange

2.950,- €

2 Basses

per piece

3.450,- €


2.450,- €

Height 113 cm, Width 26 cm, Depth 33 cm
Price 30.100,- Euro per pair.

Solphonique SDA


2 way active

Price 4.050,- Euro
Frequency Response  
Digital input

SPDIF stereo audio input

Input sample rates up to 192kHz


Analogue input RCA

Hypex AS2.100




Manufaturers description

A revolutionary loudspeaker system that gives you phase coherence at every frequency, in every part of your room.

To put it plainly, Acoustic3D speakers radiate sound like the sun radiates sunlight, illuminating every part of the original signal into every corner of your room.

SGR Audio CX3B Bookshelves $7,860.00 (pair)



All purpose built.

1 x soft dome tweeter,

1 x soft dome midrange,

1 x long throw paper cone bass driver.

Enclosure alignment: Sealed box, critically damped.
Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20Khz
Distortion: TBA @ 1W/1m
Amplifier Channels: 3
Input Impedance: 47K
Bandwidth: 2Hz - 80Khz
Amplifier Class: AB
Amplifier Power Output: 100W RMS, 200W peak
Power consumption:

5W operation with no signal,

less than 1W standby.


230mm (W) x 380mm (D) x 400mm (H)

(total height including stand = 1095mm)

Product Weight: TBA kg per speaker & stand
Shipping Weight: TBA kg total per speaker pair


Sonicweld pulserod/subpulse



Active system with 13 drivers and 2 subwoofers.

Sealed enclosure, highpass array features dedicated, sealed sub-enclosure


$ 99,990.00 USD


3 ICEpower 200W switching amplifiers

1100W ICEpower (woofer)

DSP The Pulserod is designed to function exclusively with the digital technology of the DEQX PDC (,


Sonus Natura Monitor


€ 2662,00 a pair

nextel black finish

System 2 way active
Cabinet Ported tuned to 40Hz

140 Watt Woofer

70 Watt tweeter


Active analog crossover

6dB slopes at 2kHz


bass and high adjustments


Soundfield VSFT-1 $4500/pr.

Fully active 4 way tower loudspeaker with open baffle bass and rear firing spatial driver. 

Dual 8" aluminum midbasses in sealed enclosure, 9.5" x 6.5" Planar Magnetic horn loaded midtweeter, ribbon super tweeter, powered by 2x250w channel dsp amplifier.

Rear firing horn indirect radiation driver.

Dual opposing side mount/force cancelling open baffle 12" high excursion subwoofers, powered by a rear mounted 300w rms/600w peak amplifier with volume, frequency and phase adjustments available. 

FR: 25-23,000 Hz +/- 3db, 100-13,000hz +/- 2db.

Crossover frequencies: 1khz and 14Khz,


Added 2016

Swan X4

System Type Two-way 4th vented speaker system
Drivers Configuration 4" woofer,0.8" tweeter
Frequency Range 60Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 82dB (2.83V/1m)
Nominal Impedance 6Ω
Power Range 10-60 W
Amplifiers System
Input Max 3000mV
Rated Power 45W RMS/Channel
Active Crossover Frequency 2.0kHz
Bass Adjust +2/0/-2dB(200Hz)
Mid Range Adjust 0/-2/-4dB(500Hz)
Treble Adjust +1/0/-1dB(10kHz)
Signal-to-Noise >94dB
Distortion THD<0.05% (8Ω、1kHz)
Input sensitivity 350mV
Input impedance 12kΩ
Other Parameter
Finished Lacquer, high intensity aluminum cabinet
Dimension (W×H×D(mm)) 155×160×226
Net Weight 3.90Kg