Chromecast Audio $35

Lossless audio over the WiFi network.

You need a Google Cast-enabled app on Android, iOS, Chromebook or Windows to stream audio to this device.

In case of Windows, the app is Google Chrome.

On Android you have a wider choice: Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Rdio, Deezer, Rhapsody, Napster, NPROne, BeyondPod.

BubbleUPNP supports both DLNA and Chromecast.






Audio codecs

Sample rate/bit depth: 24-bit/96KHZ




It was introduced in 2015. Early 2019 Google decided to stop production.


What can you expect from a $35 DAC?
Certainly not stellar performance.

Archimago measured both the analog and the digital (Toslink) out.
He thinks the analog out is pretty fair.
The Toslink is rather jittery.

AmirM did the same.
The toslink is jittery but the results depends pretty much on the quality of  the DAC.
In case of the Shiit Modi you see a lot of sidebands.
In case of the Topping D50, no traces of jitter at all.
Obvious the ChromeCast is high on jitter but a well designed DAC can cope with it.   


Google Chromecast Audio - Part I: Analogue Output - Archimago's Musings

Google Chromecast Audio - Part II: Digital Output - Archimago's Musings


Review and Measurements of Chromecast Audio Analog Performance - AmirM

Review and Measurements of Chromecast Audio Digital Output - AmirM


Densen CAST AMP 3.000

Integrated class A amp with a optical input (Toslink) and a dedicated power supply for a Chromecast.


Added 2017