This website covers the basics of using a computer as an audio source.
When I started in 2007, I was completely blank.

Yes, I knew that you can download a MP3 and play it over a pair of fancy desktop speakers. But I didn't realize that a computer could be a source for high quality audio too.


I entered the world of ID3, FLAC, WAV, MP3, MP4, AAC, AIFF, APE, WMAL, Codec, Cue sheet, CBR, VBR, WASAPI, DS, ASIO, Kernel, DS, DSP, UPnP, DLNA, Airplay, Freedb, AMG, Gracenotes, cover art, DAC, NAS, Router, adaptive USB, asynchronous USB, Toslink, AES/EBU, SPDIF, I2S, WMP, Foobar, dBpoweramp, EAC, bit depth, sample rate, Nyquist, SRC, ASRC, 16/44, 16/48, 24/88, 24/96, 24/172, 24/192, PCM, DSD, DoP, CDtext, EMI, RFI, Transcoding, VST, DPC Lantency, PCI and a couple of other things you need to know.

A fascinating world but it takes some time to find your way.


Of course I didn't know all this when I started.

But I found out how to do it.

As I tend to forget these things, I take notes.

As I forget where I have left my notes, I put them all into this website.

This is simply my notebook and you are welcome to it too.












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