Turn up the bass

TRW - 17


By rotating the fins and modulating the speed, frequency goes all the way down to 1Hz, the territory of jet engines, nuclear explosions and plate tectonics. By comparison, your typical sub hits 20Hz on its best day.


Note, the model 17 must be professionally installed in an attic or basement which becomes an infinite baffle.


Rotary Woofer Pricing:

TRW-17 transducer $12,900.00

Motor Controller $350.00

Amplifier and crossover $700.00

Design and installation, typical $8,000-$12,000

Total $21,950-$25,950


When audio designer Roberto Delle Curti wanted the world's biggest, baddest subwoofer, he didn't go prancing off to some snooty audio store. He got out a shovel. Underneath his world-class home theater lurks the Real Total Horn, consisting of two cavities that are three feet deep and 31 feet long. These tunnels function as horns, each driven by eight 18-inch woofers for a total of 16 woofers — along with thousands of watts of raw power. How low can it go? This "biggest horn sub in the world" can crank out a bass note that's below 10Hz, which will sound more like an ominous, low ticking noise than music. But imagine the earthquake this monster can create! Way to wake up the neighborhood, Roberto! Good thing he lives in Italy.