Active speakers

Philharmonia by Jean Nouvel


Philharmonia features an RJ-45 network input allowing remote control of its processor for an optimal adjustment via dedicated software to the acoustical properties of the listening space. The software is an App that runs on Macintosh, Apple iPad and Windows computers.



Amplitude linearity (±2dB) : 43 Hz - 22 kHz 
Cut-off frequencies (-6dB) : 35 Hz 
Peak SPL 1-meter (Pair, IEC Short Term) : 124 dB peak

Technical Specifications

Crossover frequency (HF, LMF) : 2170 Hz and 2170 Hz (DSP generated) 
Crossover slope (HF, LMF) : 24 dB/Oct and 24 dB/Oct 
Transducer (HF) : Ø 28 mm soft dome 
Transducer (LMF) : Ø 230 mm bass driver 
RMS capacity (HF) : 700 W @ 8 Ω, Class-D 
RMS capacity (LMF) : 700 W @ 8 Ω, Class-D 
Dimensions (H x W x D) : 1613 x 320 x 465 (mm) 
Weight : 64,20 Kg (141,53 lbs)

Electrical Specifications

Mains voltage : 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (select) 
Power consumption : 45 W @ 1/8 max power (IEC 60065) 
Input connectors (Analog) : 1 x Male XLR (Pin 2+, Pin 3-) 
Input connectors (AES/EBU) : 1 x Male XLR (Pin 2+, Pin 3-), 1 x Female XLR (Pin 2+, Pin 3-) 
Input impedance : Balanced > 10kΩ 
Dynamic range : > 118 dB(A) 
A to D Conversion : 64 bit 
Internal sample rate : 96 kHz 
Formats (AES/EBU) : 24 bit




Added 2015



2 way active monitor.

Price $ 9.000 USD (pair)
Frequency Response Useable frequency range: 33Hz-25kHz
Cabinet Transmission line
Digital input


Analogue input XLR




1.4kHz, 24dB/octave


PMC also has a product line targeting consumer HiFi but these are  all passive.
They do provide the speaker system for the Free.

Parrot Zikmu

System 2 way NXT panel + woofer
Price € 1200,- (pair)
Frequency Response 50-20.000 Hz
Digital input


Analogue input RCA

3 channel Class D

Crossover DSP

PSI Audio Active 215M


2 way active mastering monitor.


Price € 2.000 (single)
Frequency Response Response at -6dB 36 - 23000 Hz
Tolerances ±2 dB (42Hz - 20kHz

Bass reflex

W x H x D mm : 166 x 1110 x 250

Digital input


Analogue input XLR

120 + 40 W Class G


1.8 kHz


Compensated Phase Response

The CPR system consists of several all pass filters who each act in a specific range of frequency in order to obtain a wide area of Compensated Phase Response. This then provides a constant group delay.


Adaptive Output Impedance system

The AOI system is constituted by a detection of the movement of the membrane and the moving coil, as well as by a counter reaction filtering. Therefore the damping rate is continuously ideally adjusted according to the frequency. The AOI circuitry is almost capable of reproducing a square wave and therefore increases accuracy by marring the transducer and the amplifier in to a perfect couple. A nice side effect of the AOI system is that the membranes of a PSI speaker do not produce parasite sounds when other speaker systems in the room are in use. When air pressure is produced by other sources than the PSI speakers the AOI will detect this and tighten the damping of its transducers in order not to produce parasite sounds not originating by the speaker system in use.

PTE - The Phoenix - US $5400 (Pair)


2 way

Frequency Response 32 - 22 kHz ± 2 dB

dual venturi ports

Digital input


Analogue input XLR / RCA

3 x 130 Watt