Wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Sounds like an oxymoron as Bluetooth is wireless by design.
However, the “standard” configuration is a headset with a Bluetooth receiver and a DAC/amp.

Both speakers have a wired connection with the amp.
Today you can get in-ears without the connecting wire.

Check reviews for stability issues.


CrazyBaby Air US$ 159

A true wireless Bluetootth headphone.


Added 2016

Earin M-1 $199


Added 2017

Hearable Lab FlapFit


Added 2018

Motorola VerveOnes+ 249.99

Added 2016

Samsung Gear IconX €200

Fitness tracker with 4Gb memory

Hold 1000 songs max.

Added 2017


The Best True Wireless Headphones So Far - The wirecutter ( July 2017)