Single driver speakers

Our hearing covers 30 Hz to 20.000 kHz.
To produce bass you need to move a lot of air, hence a big and strong driver.
To produce treble you need a very fast driver , hence a small and light one.
The standard solution is to use dedicated drivers, a woofer and a tweeter.
The consequence is you need a crossover somewhere in the midrange.

A full range driver doesn’t need a crossover but it is very challenging to combine big and strong with fast and light.
In practice full range drivers roll off both the lower bass and the upper treble.

Frequency response Seas full range driver H1597-08 FA22RCZ

Cube Audio Bliss C 790/each


Added 2017

Eclipse TD712zMK2 € 2995 (piece)

Frequency response: 35Hz-26kHz(-10dB)

Added 1/2014

Eclipse TD-M1 $1.300

Full range driver with NOS DAC and Class D amp.


Airplay (16 bits / 48 kHz)

Async USB (24 bits / 192 kHz)


3.5mm analog Aux



Added 1/2014

Voxativ Ampeggio Due Acryl $120,000

The poor bass performance is often compensated by using a horn loaded design.
The acryl version of this speaker shows this design in a very original way.


Added 1/2014