Streaming audio player

Leema Acoustics Quasar 2995

Integrated Amp, DAC, Streamer with 200 watts RMS in to 8 ohm.


UPnP streaming : 24 bit/192kHz
DAC : 24 bit/192kHz + Asynchronous USB

BlueTooth : Multi Codec including aptX

Added 2016

Linn Digital Stream Players


Linn’s first attempt at streaming audio players was the  Klimax DS (2007).
Other models where added.

Around 2010 the lineup was.


Klimax DS Player $18,500.
Akurate DS Player   $6,850.
Majik DS Player   $3,500.
Sneaky Music DS Player   $2,000.


Network: ethernet

Protocol: UPnP™ AV 2.0

Formats: up to 24-bit/192 kHz native sample rate, FLAC, WAV, MP3 & AIFF

Analogue audio outputs: RCA / XLR


Open source:

A review of the Majik