Streaming audio player

Leema Acoustics Quasar 2995

Integrated Amp, DAC, Streamer with 200 watts RMS in to 8 ohm.


UPnP streaming : 24 bit/192kHz
DAC : 24 bit/192kHz + Asynchronous USB

BlueTooth : Multi Codec including aptX

Added 2016

Linn Digital Stream Players


Linn’s first attempt at streaming audio players was the  Klimax DS (2007).
Today they have a range of UPnP players:


Klimax DS Player $18,500.
Akurate DS Player   $6,850.
Majik DS Player   $3,500.
Sneaky Music DS Player   $2,000.


Network: ethernet

Protocol: UPnP™ AV 2.0

Formats: up to 24-bit/192 kHz native sample rate, FLAC, WAV, MP3 & AIFF

Analogue audio outputs: RCA / XLR


Open source: