The Rough Guide to the Hifidelio

Organizing Import Tagging Maintenance


CD transport fails

A well known weak spot is the connector.

Disconnect and reconnect the connector has solved a lot of problems.

Check the forum.

Hard disk fails

In the forum or in de Wiki there is a lot of information on how to replace a hard disk.

FLAC – no conversion

Bulk loading CDs and converting them at the same time to FLAC might corrupt the job list.
You can choose conversion to FLAC but nothing happens.

This might be a corrupted job list: see Conversion

Import fails

You can play a FLAC-file or WAV on your PC but the import fails.
This is because the HF is rather picky on ID3 tags in audio files.

You can remove these tags using tag.exe
The command line
TAG.EXE --recursive --remove --force FLAC \\hifidelio\import\*.flac
should do the job.

Remote Control

Some users have problems using the RC. The funniest one is if they turn up the volume of the amplifier, the output volume of the HF goes done and visa versa.

The RC codes are handled by a chip  (Atmel Mega16), not by software so it is impossible to change this behaviour.
What one can do:

  1. A pretty simple one, cover the IR on the HF or your amp, just what you think is less inconvenient.
  2. If your amp accept digital inputs, use the digital out of the HF, the volume control affects the analog output only
  3. Use a Wi-Fi/web enabled PDA like Nokia 800 to control the HF using its web interface. Probably a pretty nice way to control the HF if a little bit expensive.
  4. Use a PC to control the HF (Veronica or Leonore)
  5. Use a programmable RC in combination with a device like the MRF-300 ( This device has 6 independently addressable IR transmitters. Glue them to the “eyes” of your amp and HF.
  6. There is some circuit in the HF controlling output level. In principle one could bridge it. Anybody any suggestion?
  7. It is possible to set the output volume of the HF by issuing a command in Linux. See: for more details
  8. Move your ass

Very slow response

A response slower than usual, interrupts while playing, etc. might have the following causes.

Conversion job

Tasks like conversion to FLAC or MP3 put a high demand on the processor of the HF.
Bulk loading CDs and converting them at the same time might cause these problems.

It is possible to :

  1. Power on the HF
  2. As soon as the curtains open press the STOP button shortly

If this method fails, you can delete the job list manually

The job list is stored in: /data/db/job.db

  1. Login using Telnet
  2. Stop the application: fidelio stop
  3. Rename the task list (just to make sure): mv /data/db/job.db    /data/db/job.backup
  4. Restart: fidelio start

Conversion to FLAC should be working again.
You can now safely remove job.backup: rm /data/db/job.backup


Track time

You play a song and while playing you choose another one. The HF takes about 20 seconds to respond.
This might be caused by playing songs imported with older versions of the firmware.
The track time is not available and will be calculated while playing.
In the log file you must find something like
08:01:01:17:36:22:623 CARU * Complain about wrong play time!
A possible cure is: