The Rough Guide to the Hifidelio

Organizing Import Tagging Maintenance


When I bought the Hifidelio early 2007 it was by and large because the idea of having all your data (the music) and the meta data (the description of the contents like song, artist, composer, etc) in one system appealed to me.
I didn't knew anything about digital music at that time.
I enjoyed the HF tremendously but the sound quality has never been to my liking (it is not bad but I do have a High-End neurosis).
I bought an outboard DAC. This improved sound quality substantially.
As my collection grow,  performance become an issue.
Maintaining and browsing your collection using that small screen is not ideal.

Now if you connect your PC to a quality DAC you have:

This setup suited me better then the Hifidelio.
So I sold the Hifidelio (sob).
I hope you enjoy your Hifidelio as much as I did.


If you have any question about your Hifidelio, provides the answer. It’s a forum where some real guru’s can tell you everything about the HF (the standard abbreviation of the Hifidelio).
If German is not your native tongue, don't worry. Most of them are strikingly fluent in the English.


The Hifidelio software is used on the Olive models up to 2007 and Reson.