Ripping and tagging your CDs is a lot of work.
Digitizing your vinyl is even worse.
You need a backup.


A lot of people think they don’t need one because they have a NAS in RAID.
Indeed, if a hard disk fails you, RAID prevents you against data loss as everything is stored redundantly.
What happens if you make a horrible error, deleting the wrong tracks?
Thanks to RAID all your stupidities are stored redundantly.
Make a backup!


More about NAS, RAID and Backup.


Often synchronizing software is used for a backup.

As an audio collection can be rather large, sync only changed files can speed up the precess substantial.
Often you can choose what to do if the original file is deleted. Either it is deleted on the backup or it remains in place.
Obvious if you intentionally delete a file you want to see this reflected on the backup.
What if some file are deleted due to a cockpit error, an error in the file system?
My advice is not to delete files on the backup automatically. Just leave them in place.
Only if the backup drive is full, delete them after a careful inspection.