Want to know a little bit more about PC based audio?

Share your experience?
Learn from others?

Hear a lot of nonsense?

Find some gold?



Visit a couple of audio forums.
Each has their own mores so what is applauded on one will be IP banned on another.

There is so much information it is impossible to digest and to evaluate it all.
To avoid this flooding we have a nice mechanism, looking for confirmation of our believes.
I recommend to look for refutation too.

If you visit Computer Audiophile, visit Head-Fi too. You have the “buy the expensive boxes” contrasted with “Need audiophile grade speakers, budget $100”.
After visiting the PC section of Audio Asylum you know that every single tweak to your PC matter. Go straight to Hydrogen Audio where nothing makes a difference unless backed up by an ABX test and then they still do have their doubts.



If you like knowledge, facts and measurements, this is the place to be.

HomeComputer Audio Asylum

The PC section is a tweaker's paradise.
There are some guys on this forum with a very deep insight in the matter.
Atmosphere in general relaxed, moderators lenient




A very strict forum. They detest all those claims like major improvement when swapping power cords. Either you supply an ABX test or they throw you out.

Excellent antidote against audiophile nervosa.

Some members struggle with the difference between objectivity and rigidity


The computer section is much about sound cards, DACs  and desktop speakers
Lot of members are on a tight budget.

The forum for cheap and cheerful HiFi.



Applying the scientific knowledge we have of electronics to audio is characteristic for Jim Lesurf.