Version: 1.4.10

Engine: xine


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A player supporting the composer tag!

Choose group by and have the tree sorted by three different tags as a maximum.

In place editing is also possible.


Tagging panel



Started playing a MP3. The player reported it couldn't play it but a simple dialog allows you to install MP3 support.
WAV files are not shown in the library, small wonder, tagging WAV is badly supported.
You can browse the folder structure and play them. Opening the tag panel won't help, type what you want, it is not written in the tags but not written in the library either.
FLAC plays without a problem.
WMA lossless won't play but the tags are recognized. After installing w32codes, it plays but with a little stutter.


The first player I found not programmed with pop music in mind.

Good interface, easy and ergonomically sound.