HiBy is a manufacturer of DAP's. It also make a media player allowing you to play Hires on Android.



As I'm into classical music, I'm not happy with an interface not supporting the composer tag.


I have 34.198 files in 4158 folders using 825 GB on a micro SD. Most of them are FLAC. Not all of them are audio files (PDF, JPG, etc)

Scanning take some time but is reasonably fast.




Obvious HiBy found the files and starts populating the database.



Only 6 albums out of 10 having Hardy Rittner as ALBUM ARTIST are displayed.

If you search for ARTIST, Rittner has 49 tracks, the correct number. It looks like this app is not able to generate ALBUMS properly.



You can browse by ALBUM ARTIST. Select one and you get all the tracks sorted by their number so all track 1 then all tracks2,etc. Totally useless.



Have a big compilation of hits called the Alphabet of Pop. HiBy split it in as many albums as there are artist. Obvious HiBy uses the ARTIST instead of the ALBUM ARTIST to determine if tracks belong to an album. A pretty bad choice.


Readability is horrible. Not suit for classical at all.


I'm afraid this interface is not ready for prime time.