Onkyo HF player

A media player supporting hires audio over USB. The app is free but to unlock the Hires (and another couple of features) you must pay E 13,99.

Tested it using 34.198 files in 4158 folders using 825 GB oon a 1TB micro SD. Most of the audio is FLAC.



Bit hard to read but doable.



You can browse by various tags including the Composer.




The search function returns Albums, Artist, Album Artist, Songs and Composers containing the search phrase. As far as I can judge, wildcards are not supported. Likewise you can't type e.g. Ritt Brah to get all the tracks with Hardy Rittner playing Brahms.



Although the screen says "All Songs", fortunately all albums are displayed when you select the Artist.

All 10 albums I have with this specific artist are displayed. None of the albums is split.

Checked a couple of other albums as well. Of course you can't check all of them but it looks like HF Player read all the tracks and generated the albums correctly.

If you wonder why I'm wasting my time (and yours) on such trivialities, practice has proven not all media players can cope with this amount of data. Foobar or HiBy simply can't.




The screen reports that a 44.1 kHz FLAC is played as linear PCM at 48 kHz.

This is how Android audio works. All is resampled to 48 kHz.


I have a simple USB DAC, a Ugreen dongle.




HF Player recognize it and after you have given permission to use it, it will report its properties.


Playback 44.1 kHz

Now a 44.1 kHz FLAC is reported as a 44.1 kHz PCM. Indeed the HF Player bypasses the Android audio and uses USB audio directly. This allows for playing without resampling to 48 kHz.

Tried a 96 kHz recording as well. It played at 48 kHz because if you want it to play 96, you have to pay first.


So I did. Now it is ads free and does 24 bit/ 96 kHz as well.


As the player bypasses the Android audio, the system wide EQ doesn't work.

Fortunately the app has its own EQ.


Choose the 11 band preset and modify it to your liking and save it.