The Cleaner uses the CHI catalog to populate Composers, Album Artist and Compositions in a uniform way.

This saves you a lot of typing.


CHI offers a lot of formatting options for language, name, rank, tonality, catalog, opus, nick name, etc.

Before you start tagging a substantial amount of tracks, tailor these setting to you preference.
You might decide to have different setting depending on the type of music, the composers, etc.

The setting are explained here.

Cleaning composers

Before MCHI can find a composition, you must have the composer tag populated.

If this tag is empty, you can populate it using the Tagger.


If the content of the composer tag is ambiguous e.g. Bach, you get a pick list.



Clean reports the composers it cannot resolve.


Tried Dowland

The database is very extensive indeed.


Great stuff, with some marginal editing you get your composers right.


Likewise you clean the compositions.
Populate it using the tagger e.g. copy the Title in the Composition tag.

You will have false positives and false negatives in your results as this is about parsing unstructured data.
I must admit I am impressed by the results.
Most of the time you get the right composition.

It helps if you populate the Composition tag with something simple e.g. the opus number.
Less is more in this case.

If the Cleaner is in doubt it will prompt you.


If the composition should be in the CHI-catalog (the composer is there) but the Cleaner can’t resolve it, you can always submit it to MusiCHI.

Before you do, try a manual edit as most of the time the composition is in the database but the value in the composition tag supplies insufficient context.


You can assign multiple roles to a performer.



A nice feature is the Status for composer, composition or performer
You can filter on e.g. not foud, skipped, etc.

The status is not saved in a tag but if you save the grid on exit, the information will be preserved.