Library Manager

Not the most spectacular part of the suite but it allows you to define libraries and populate them.
I won’t go into all the options available, the online help explains them nicely.


A nice one is Browse Library Data.
This gives you an overview of all values for each tag in your library.

If you see something you want to correct you can go straight to the Tagger.


Synchronize the library against the file system is a useful one. Not only every track in the library is checked against the file system, new files in the file system are added to the library as well.

Empty tags

Empty tags are displayed as ( Unassigned ).
Select it and invoke the tagger to inspect them.

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of tags fully populated.
This is because always entire albums are transferred to the tagger.
In this example 346 tracks are loaded because of 10 empty tags.
A design decision in need of reconsideration.


Use the filter to select the empty tags.

Eport meta data

Write library metadata to text file is a nice option if you want to load your tags in Excel.

Custom tags

This allows you to use your own tags.



Match Composers and Match Album Artist enables you to select Composers and Artist not parsed by the MCHI Clean. You can submit them to the Tagger and invoke the Cleaner.
An efficient method to check your tags if a new reference database is released.