In the Tagger > Settings > MusiCHI Clean you can configure all kind of formatting options.


Before you start tagging a substantial amount of tracks, tailor these setting to you preference.
You might decide to have different setting depending on the type of music, the composers, etc.



Opus 27/2 Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor ("Moonlight")

In this example:

Name= Sonata

Rank= #14


Tonality= C-sharp minor


Opus=Opus 27/2



Simply drag the items in the Order column to get the sequence you prefer.


I have piano sonatas by Beethoven played by Richter and Kempff.
Nothing spectacular about this sentence.
The internet databases are built with pop music in mind.
In my collection I have piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven played by Svjatoslav Richter and Wilhelm Kempff.
There was I time I corrected all these "first name – last name" tags but in the end I decided this was a horrible uphill battle and surrendered to the pop spelling.
The CHI formatting options for the artist are what a lover of classical needs.


You can choose 4 different languages e.g. français, e voilà!

Sonata #14 "Moonlight" en Ut dièse Majeur Opus 27/2 pour Piano


You can tailor how tonality is displayed.


You can tailor the way the catalog is displayed.


You can tailor the way the opus is displayed.


You can tailor the way the rank is displayed.