The suite consist of 4 applications allowing you to rip, to tag, to play and to manage the libraries independent of each other. This allows you to e.g. play and rip at the same time while doing some tagging.


In 2019 the developer changed his focus.
He now develops high end  music servers running Musichi.
However the app is still maintained.
You can download a trial version here:
A serial number can be obtained by sending an email to  at


This suite is primarily targeted at Classical and Jazz.
It offers different styles to manage a classical and a jazz collection.

Beside the conventional tags it adds

Tagging classical is time consuming.
The tagger comes with all kind of nifty functions helping you to structure your tags in an efficient way.
The MusiCHI Clean database has a very detailed description of the composition like name, key, opus, catalog, instrument, nickname and year of the composition.

This is the best tool I have found for tagging classical.


There is a tutorial on how to tag classical music.
It is a bit hidden in the Blog but obvious written by somebody deeply immerged in classical music.


Direct Sound (Windows default), WASAPI and ASIO are supported.

File formats

File formats supported are FLAC, mp3, mp4, m4a (including lossless), wma (including lossless), ape, WAV (taggable), AIFF.

WAV is tagged using the “dBpoweramp” convention; writing ID3 tags in an info chunk

Conversion to MP3 by LAME


Audio by BASS

Database: Firebird (open source)

OS: XP, Vista and Windows 7/8/10

Tagging sources: FreeDB, Amazon, GD3


The free trial version is a fully functional version of MusiCHI Studio valid for 21 days.