29 Euro, lifetime licences single user on any number of computers.

Free 14 days trial-version.

Tested 3.02 Beta on Win7


First impression.


3 display modes


View is album based only, no view by artist, genre, etc.

Navigation by alphabet and by search box.



No progress bar during playback so no way to scroll inside a track.


No WASAPI support, Direct Sound only.

Gapless playback but not smooth in case of MP3.

No ripping.

Meta database: FreeDB


OS: Windows and OSX

Audio engine: BASS lib by Un4seen Developments

Database: Sqlite

Manufacturer: Björn Petersen Software Design and Development


My verdict: 29 euro offers you less functionality than a free players like MusicBee


Today (2016) there is an open source version for Linux.

UPnP/DLNA support for Linux, Windows and Mac

Video support for Linux

A progress bar that can also be used for seeking atop of the display

A new equalizer using high-quality FIR-Filters