Logitech stopped production of the entire Squeeze line in august 2012.

SlimServer, SqueezeCenter, Squeezebox Server, whatever the marketing guys (great original thinkers) conjectured up, it is the server needed if you want to play your own audio collection using a Squeezebox.

It all started with a company called Slimdevices.
It was founded in 2000 and started producing internet  radios.
Later this was expanded to playing your own audio collection.
As the core was internet technology, they choose for making a server (SlimServer) sending your audio to the Squeezebox.
As they were one of the pioneers, they had to develop a lot by their own including a protocol to communicate between the SB and the server.
Today this is not really an advantage anymore as the SB is not DLNA compliant.
But the server can detect DLNA compliant devices in the network.


The new Squeezebox Touch comes with an onboard version of Squeeze Server.
This allows for reading your collection from a USB disk.
What started as a typical networked internet radio has become a device able to function standalone!

Try out

Do you like using a Squeezebox playing your audio?
Normally you have to buy the box and if you made the wrong decision, it is EBay time.
In case of Squeeze you can simply try it first.

SqueezePlay emulates the interface on the Squeezebox


Only four major tags are supported, Artist, Album, Genres and Years.


An alternative is to use the web interface of the server.

The same limited number of tags however this interface gives you a better overview.

The server can't play but you can choose any Squeezebox in your network as a playback device

The composer tag is not supported, another player designed with pop music in mind.

The only thing you can do is listing the Composer in Artists.