Windows 7 is DLNA compliant.

You can activate streaming in WMP12 or in the Network and Sharing center.


If you enable media sharing in WMP11 you can play the content on all devices in your network supporting the UPnP protocol.


The library pane in WMP will show all available devices.

In my case another PC running Vista and my NAS, a Qnap 109 running TwonkyVision

Win – Win

Both PCs run Vista.

It take some time before the library is complete, probably 20 minutes but then there is a one to one correspondence between de content on both machines.

For samplers I use Various Artist as the Album Artist and the Contributing Artists for the name of the performer.

I saw a triple entry of a sampler.

Corrected it on the server, using refresh on the client and after a moment the corrected content is displayed.