Find Album info

Find album info looks up the album in an online database.

If the album is found and there is cover art, it will be displayed in the interface.

This might take some time, refreshing might help.

If you can't find the album, using another tool like MP3tag might help. It uses databases like Amazon, FreeDB and Discogs.

A Google image search might yield missing cover art.

Paste album art

If the online database has no cover art you might try sources like or Google to find the image.

Copy the image and paste it in the album.

WMP most of the time writes the picture as a tag in the file.


WMP resizes every image to 200*200 and stores it in the same directory as the music.

If you replace the contents of Folder.jpg with a higher resolution jpg, it will be displayed as such in WMP.

Album art and songs

You can only paste the cover in the album.

If you want to have different images in different songs, use the advanced tag editor.


This is great, you can add a lot of pictures, front, back, leaflet even a picture of the composer!

Next time you open this song with the advanced tag editor you get

Bit of a pity as this is as far as I know also the only way to remove album art in WMP

File location

The album art is stored in the same directory as the songs.

The files are hidden by default (system files)

If you open the file location, you see the songs

Choose organize > folder and search options

In the view tab set Hidden files and folders to show and Hide protected operating system files off.

Now you can see the album art to.

The cryptic long names refer to the unique ID of the song in the library. Windows Media Center uses them. If you delete them, WMP still displays the album art.


If you want

  • pictures with a higher resolution than 200*200
  • pictures stored in the song
  • remove pictures

use MP3Tag