You can make a playlist using drag-drop.


The auto playlist enables you to use some logic to generate a playlist.

It offers AND (+) and OR (and also include) functionality

This select all songs not played the last 2 years OR not played at all.


What happens if you remove Play count : Total overall Is 0 from the list?

You get the entire library!

It took a while before I understand why.

And also include Music in my library simply simply means include everything.

Above simply say include (all) music in my library played then last 2 years OR (all) music in my library.


You can select a range using the release year but you are limited to the pick list.

I think steps of 10 years is a bit rough and an unnecessary restriction.


You want to make a playlist which is randomised but favours the music you love most so a randomised bias?

The list is a little complex, but not too much.

It starts off by selecting all tracks rated two stars and above (one's I call OK).

Then it adds three stars and above (ones that I like).

Then it adds four stars and above (I really like) and finally adds the tracks with five stars (outstanding).

So the five star tracks appear four times, the four star tracks appear three times and so on. This biases the music in favour of my most favourite tracks. Finally, I add in all tracks two stars or more which have not been played in the last 6 months. This favours tracks that I haven't heard recently, increasing variety. Each addition is randomised, and when I finally add the playlist to an empty "untitled playlist", I randomise the results yet again before playing.


Steve Swift -


You can use the rating to make a playlist with all your 5 star music.

You can use the Auto rating or My rating.

If you use My rating is at least 5 star, you get all the songs rated by you with *****

If you use Auto rating is at least 5 star, you get all the songs rated with *****, regardless of who did it.

If you combine the following criteria:

You get the ***** auto rated files only.


Auto playlist are stored in the playlist directory in your music folder.

You can open them using an editor like XML Notepad


The format is described in the Windows Media Player 11 SDK.
The fragment section in the Windows Media Playlist Elements Reference describes allowed conditions and values. No use to supply your own values, if they are not allowed, they will be ignored.