Album art

Standard WMP reduces all album art to 200x200.
However, there was a trick to circumnavigate this restriction.
Overwrite the Folder.jpg with something bigger and in WMP11 ‘now playing’ view you have the full size image.

In WMP12 this simply don’t work anymore.
You can overwrite Folder.jpg, embed the artwork in the song, nothing works, all you get is a 240x240 in Now Playing, even in full screen mode.


A hack from a forum

if you add the below values it appears that WMP will NOT generate or resize new folder.jpg OR AlbumArtSmall.jpg files. IF folder.jpg (or AlbumArtSmall) already exist(s), it does not resize it but merely sets the HIDDEN and SYSTEM attributes. so if you have a folder.jpg and/or an albumartsmall.jpg file at 1500x1500, it will leave them alone (except for hiding them...).



As a consequence, WMP12 won’t create any artwork. So if you use ‘Find Album info’, you won’t get any artwork.
The moment you put a Folder.jpg in the directory, WMP12 will display it.
It looks like this hack indeed prevent WMP12 from meddling with the artwork at the expense of supplying it manually

Displaying album art in its original size

Great job by AnmolKakar

1) Go to the registry path : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Preferences

2) then find the key with name "PlayerModeAlbumArtSelected" and set its "Value Data" as "0" (without qoutes)

3) then find the key with name "ShowAlbumArt" and set its "Value Data" as "1" (without qoutes)

Now the Wimdows Media Player 12 will display the original AlbumArt which you set in the song.


Embedding album art

By design WMP stores the album art in a file (folder.jpg).
It won’t embed it as a tag in the audio.
If you want the album art to be embedded: