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Error 0x8007000D: The data is Invalid


I have an issue regarding WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM 64 BIT and editing and displaying the METADATA of MP3 files in windows explorer. Windows explorer does not allow me to edit the metadata (contributing artists, genre, year, etc.) on some of my MP3 files. Editing is performed at the bottom of explorer or right clicking on the MP3 file and editing in the Details tab in Properties. Sometimes the metadata is referred to as the tags.

The error I get when I attempt to edit the metadata in windows explorer is:

Error 0x8007000D: The data is Invalid


I then pulled up some of the mp3's that were having the problem. The tag column showed "ID3v2.3" for each file. I then selected the files, right clicked on them and selected "save tag". That didn't solve the problem as explorer still couldn't read the tags, but the tag column still showed "ID3v2.3" for each file.
I then selected the files again, right clicked on them and selected "remove tag". After that, the tag column changed to ID3v2.4. I thought it was weird that the ID3v2.4 tags were still there even though I selected to remove tags. I then right clicked again and selected "save tag" which changed the tag version to id3v2.3 (which is how I have it setup in the options menu). After that I did that, explorer was able to read the id3 tags. 
Seems like there's a hidden layer of id3v2.4 tags in the mp3 files that are having the problem. Once the first layer of ID3v2.3 tags are removed, then the ID3v2.4 are exposed and can be overwritten which allows windows explorer to properly identify them.

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