The Rough Guide to the Hifidelio

Organizing Import Tagging Maintenance


The possibilities to structure your meta information are a bit limited. You can't define e.g. individual artist and assign them in the combination you think apt to a work.
It is simply not a relational database.
But by typing everything the same (case sensitive) what is conceptually the same you can come quite far. Unfortunately the HF doesn't feature nifty things like pick list or auto completion so typing carefully is required.


Choose search list


Choose new to make a new search list


Type a name for the search list e.g. Artist


Choose next (>) to enter a new criteria


Choose artist and Next (>)


Select the desired logic and choose change


Type the description and choose OK (looks like the searching is not case sensitive)


Activate Ok and go back to the search list and then choose next (>)

You get a list of all the songs performed by Argerich, in case of classical music all the movements of all the compositions so not the albums and as far as I know no way to change this.

You might try using albums as a item to search:

But the result is songs (titles in HF) again.

You might try adding a second criteria e.g. track is 1 but if you split CDs in different albums (compositions) you miss anything not starting with track 1.


You can search by many different items e.g. Year


All your songs in 1950


Push the minus button and you get 2005. Now repeat this 55 times (holding down F1/F2 for + and – is a bit faster) and there you are.


Now Beethoven composed his first piano trio in 1795…….
In fact there is a fixed lower limit of 1900, so this is probably supposed to be used as the date of the recording.
The first recording was made by Edison in 1877.
There is also a hard coded upper limit of 2199, this product is obvious supposed to last.
The Leonore interface is helpful in this case, it allows you to type the numbers.