The Rough Guide to the Hifidelio

Organizing Import Tagging Maintenance

Editing music

I used the HF to digitize all my vinyl.
One day I run the maintenance option check library. The HF reported that there where songs removed from the library because there was no corresponding audio file (don't ask me why but library and data could get out of sync). Among them a couple of carefully edited LP’s. (You can find information about which songs has been removed in /import/maintenance.txt).

I had made a backup of all the recordings on a NAS and removed them from the HF to save space.
So the question was how to get them back into the HF.
The only way is the import folder but then you have the original uncut recording and no way to edit it anew.
You can use a little elementary Linux to move it into the record folder but the HF simply won't see it.
Bit frustrating, you have a box with some elementary options to edit the music but this functionality is limited to analog recordings made on the HF.


At I found a nice tool, Audacity. It offers a lot of functionality and is easy to use.
I used it to mark the tracks, corrected the balance between left and right and made mono from a horrible stereo track (typically sixties style, stereo was new at that time, guitar LEFT, bas RIGHT, drums MIDDLE).
Then I exported the recording into the import folder of the HF doing conversion to FLAC on the fly (much, much faster than on the HF)
So if you are in need of editing music, this is a nice tool.