The Rough Guide to the Hifidelio

Organizing Import Tagging Maintenance


This interface runs in your browser, for access see the network section
Beside enabling you to use the keyboard when editing you can:

In the past the main disadvantage of this interface was the many clicks you needed to edit a field.
Today you can ask for information



Click a field and start editing


I use this interface if I have to edit samplers.
Most samplers have a format  like


The artist is in the title of the song and the field “Artist” is something like “Various”.
Before I start to import the CD I change the artist to “X”.
This makes it easy to locate it in the list of artist and tells me that I want to edit this category.

In Leonore I choose Artist > x
Select the first track


Choose “information”


Click somewhere in the screen (make the artist field loose its focus) and the next song appears.
It took a while before I understand this mechanism.
I have chosen a list of all artist with the name “x”. As soon as the name is changed, it no longer qualifies for this criteria. So it is dropped from the list and the next item pops up.
This mechanism (dynamic list) is of course not limited to artist, it work with all type of lists.