The Rough Guide to the Hifidelio

Organizing Import Tagging Maintenance

Analogue recording

This subject is covered sufficiently in the HF-manual. You can set begin and end points for tracks, label them, etc, and import them into the library.

You might make a backup of the original recording and delete them from the HF to save space. There is no need to keep them on the HF any longer once all tracks are imported.

One day I discovered that a track was cut in the wrong place. I restored the original recording into the record folder of the HF. But the HF won't see it. You might put it in the import folder but then you have the uncut original. Bit silly, the HF has the tools to edit music but you can not use them except when you make a true analogue recording.


Importing a CD in the HF is easy, most of the time FreeDB supplies the title, the artist, etc. In case of analogue recordings this simply doesn't work. I won't say I got RSI but it sure was a job to supply titles, tracks, artist , composers for over 300 LPs.

When I was finished I discovered a nice freeware tool which can import most of this information from FreeDB or Amazon: Mp3Tag.


You can use the HF to edit your recordings. If you are in need of more options, a great tool is Audacity. You can mix, switch from stereo to mono and visa versa, iron out scratches, cut tracks, convert to all kind of formats including FLAC, etc. etc. As you do so on your PC it is also much faster than on the HF.