The Rough Guide to the Hifidelio

Organizing Import Tagging Maintenance


Software update

The update procedure is adequately documented in the manual.




There is however a little trick to download beta-releases over the internet using the same procedure.
Push the Software Update button for more then 10 seconds and the latest Beta release will be installed.
Not satisfied with the beta? Push the button shortly and the latest official release will be installed.

In july 2007 Hermstedt went bankrupt therefore the internet update is not working anymore.

You can download the latest release (2.3.18) from the forum ( or from the Olive website (former OEM of Hermstedt but still in business):
Store it on your PC and use the Leonore interface to upload it to the HF.

There is a bit cryptic information on the forum suggesting that you can choose any version you want.
Die Upgrade CD ist nicht nötig. Man kann den Code auch so eingeben: Einfach unter Einstellungen->Geräteinformation->Version auf Software-Upgrade drücken und den Code eingeben.

Factory Settings

Restores the factory settings, all the changes you have made will be lost.


Library and music folder

The library contains all the meta information about your collection like albums, songs, artist, etc..
In the music folder all the audio files are stored.
Today almost all of the audio file formats supports tags.
Tags contain information about albums, songs, artist, etc. and are part of the music file.

In theory the library is completely redundant, it contains the same information as stored in the audio files.
In practice you need the library because:

If you change the name of an artist, this change will be written in the corresponding tag in the corresponding audio file.
As the data is organised in a tree structure: artist > album > songs, changing an artist name, creates a new directory.
So a simple edit means a lot of work for the HF.
Any interruption in this process might result in difference between de information in the library and the music files.

I recommend to use both check options especially after loading a lot of data.

In the import folder there is a file maintenance.txt, it tells you which songs are removed from the library or which files are removed from the music folder. This enables you to take corrective action.




Each time the HF starts it make a local copy of the database.
In case of a corrupted meta database you can restore an older version.
Likewise if you make mistakes while editing it allows you to undo this by using an older version


I think it would be more convenient to have this list sorted “new files first”

Check Library

This cleans up the library by removing a entries without a corresponding audio file.




Check music folder

All music files are checked against the library.
If they are not in the library they are moved to the import folder.
This enable you to import them anew.
Before you do, check the information in these files, maybe crucial tags like artist or title are empty.



Search new meta info

Like Read all meta info but for empty tags in the library only.
It’s a bit unclear, more information can be found here.


Read all meta info

Read all the information as stored in the music files (Tags) and store it in the library.


Write all meta info

Write all meta information in the library into the tags in the music files.