Active speakers

Schanksaudio - Monitor 1 € 4.990,- (pair)

Closed cabinet

DSP: 24 bit / 48 kHz

390 x 250 x 320 mm

Added 2015

Seaton Sound Catalyst


3 way active with coax mid/tweeter driver


Price $3,495.00 each
Frequency Response 55-21kHz



16" wide, 38" tall, 14" deep

Digital input


Analogue input XLR
  • ICEpower
  • 300W powering the coaxial 1" Neodymium compression tweeter
  • 700W powering the 8" midrange (coaxial with tweeter)
  • 1000W powering the pair of 12" sealed woofers.

24-bit/96kHz DSP executing the crossover design and response contouring.


Silbersand FM modules

You can combine bass, midrange and tweeter modules.
An example:

Active speaker system FM 303M
Sensor controlled
Tthree ways
Four amplifiers

1 Tweeter

2.750,- €

1 Midrange

2.950,- €

2 Basses

per piece

3.450,- €


2.450,- €

Height 113 cm, Width 26 cm, Depth 33 cm
Price 30.100,- Euro per pair.

SGR Audio CX3B Bookshelves $7,860.00 (pair)



All purpose built.

1 x soft dome tweeter,

1 x soft dome midrange,

1 x long throw paper cone bass driver.

Enclosure alignment: Sealed box, critically damped.
Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20Khz
Distortion: TBA @ 1W/1m
Amplifier Channels: 3
Input Impedance: 47K
Bandwidth: 2Hz - 80Khz
Amplifier Class: AB
Amplifier Power Output: 100W RMS, 200W peak
Power consumption:

5W operation with no signal,

less than 1W standby.


230mm (W) x 380mm (D) x 400mm (H)

(total height including stand = 1095mm)

Product Weight: TBA kg per speaker & stand
Shipping Weight: TBA kg total per speaker pair


Sonicweld pulserod/subpulse



Active system with 13 drivers and 2 subwoofers.

Sealed enclosure, highpass array features dedicated, sealed sub-enclosure


$ 99,990.00 USD


3 ICEpower 200W switching amplifiers

1100W ICEpower (woofer)

DSP The Pulserod is designed to function exclusively with the digital technology of the DEQX PDC (,


Sonus Natura Monitor


€ 2662,00 a pair

nextel black finish

System 2 way active
Cabinet Ported tuned to 40Hz

140 Watt Woofer

70 Watt tweeter


Active analog crossover

6dB slopes at 2kHz


bass and high adjustments


Soundfield VSFT-1 $4500/pr.

Fully active 4 way tower loudspeaker with open baffle bass and rear firing spatial driver. 

Dual 8" aluminum midbasses in sealed enclosure, 9.5" x 6.5" Planar Magnetic horn loaded midtweeter, ribbon super tweeter, powered by 2x250w channel dsp amplifier.

Rear firing horn indirect radiation driver.

Dual opposing side mount/force cancelling open baffle 12" high excursion subwoofers, powered by a rear mounted 300w rms/600w peak amplifier with volume, frequency and phase adjustments available. 

FR: 25-23,000 Hz +/- 3db, 100-13,000hz +/- 2db.

Crossover frequencies: 1khz and 14Khz,


Added 2016

Swan X4

System Type Two-way 4th vented speaker system
Drivers Configuration 4" woofer,0.8" tweeter
Frequency Range 60Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 82dB (2.83V/1m)
Nominal Impedance 6Ω
Power Range 10-60 W
Amplifiers System
Input Max 3000mV
Rated Power 45W RMS/Channel
Active Crossover Frequency 2.0kHz
Bass Adjust +2/0/-2dB(200Hz)
Mid Range Adjust 0/-2/-4dB(500Hz)
Treble Adjust +1/0/-1dB(10kHz)
Signal-to-Noise >94dB
Distortion THD<0.05% (8Ω、1kHz)
Input sensitivity 350mV
Input impedance 12kΩ
Other Parameter
Finished Lacquer, high intensity aluminum cabinet
Dimension (W×H×D(mm)) 155×160×226
Net Weight 3.90Kg