Music servers

Baetis Revolution Media Server $2,995

No internal storage for the audio but comes with a external USB HD.

Added 1/2014


Bladelius Design Group £4,850.00


Bladelius Design Group is offering a totally new replay system. The Embla offers a silent playback system without any moving mechanical parts when playing from the built-in flash memory. The Embla is built from the ground up as a high performance audio playback system.

Unlike computer based playback products the Embla is based on our proprietary audio DSP design, allowing complete control over the timing and reading of the discs. The Embla is designed as a true audiophile unit from the ground up and it's not a modified computer that can copy discs. Not only is the Embla a playback system but it also includes an analog preamplifier, a world class DA-converter based on our reference CD-player, the Gondul M. The DA-converter also carries a switchable digital filter with analog behavior. Insert a CD and you have the option to play directly from the disc like a standard CD-player or you can store the disc on the internal flash


Distortion < 0.001%
Data rate 32 bit/192kHz
Digital inputs



1 TosLink


1 RJ45

1 Bluetooth

Analog inputs

1 pair balanced

2 pairs unbalanced

Digital outputs



1 TosLink

Analog outputs

1 pair balanced

2 pairs unbalanced


Touch screen


Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 440×445×125 mm (W×D×H)




Beosound 5 € 4820

An elegant remote connects to a 500 GB box running XP embedded.

No longer in production.


Boulder 1021 Disk Player 24.900


  • FORMATS: CD, MP3, WAV, FLAC, Ogg, AIFF & others
  • DATA RATE: Up to 24 Bit / 192 kHz
  • ANALOG OUTPUT: 2 pairs 3-pin Bal, Adaptable to Unbalanced
  • DIGITAL OUTPUT: 3-pin AES, Adaptable to SPDIF
  • VOLUME: 80 dB range in 1.0 dB steps
  • DISPLAY: 640x480 VGA 15-pin connector
  • INTERNET: RG45 Ethernet connector

Brennan B2 $499

Music server with 500 Gb.

2 TB at $679.

Added 2018