Music servers

Memory Player US$7,950.00 (transport only)

The Memory Player

The Memory Player + DAC US$9,890.00

The Memory Player 64 Select - US$24,850.00

192 khz Analog Output

192 khz Digital Output

192 GB Click-and-Play SSD Library

2 TB Archival Library (for music backup)

The Memory Player System Bundle (Copier, Player, High Resolution Audio Copier, Opera Browser)

Direct to DAC

CD Burner

High Resolution Digital Recorder


Teflon Capacitors in power supplies and DAC outputs

Music Fidelity M6 ENCORE 225 5100/USD$ 5,999

Integrated amp with analog and digital inputs.


Streaming services

USB / Network

Added 2016

Music Vault Pearl $1799

Media player: Media Monkey

Fan less power supply and fan less processor

2 TB of storage and a 60 GB Solid State Drive for the operating system.

Output Network / USB / SPDIF / HDMI , no onboard DAC.