A little bit of Latin

Yes, Latin helps in case of headphones.


What kind of headphone do you have?
Oh, a circumaural one.
What the hell is that?
Oh, that’s one surrounding the pinnae.


Circumaural headphones surround the ear.

Sennheiser HD 800


Supra-aural headphones sit on top of the ears

Sennheiser HD 414


Intra-aural ends our Latin lesson.
These are placed in the ear.

Earbuds are placed directly outside the ear canal


B&O A8

IEM (In Ear Monitor) are inserted in the ear canal

Etymotic HF 5



Jecklin Float


MySphere 3.1




Bose Frames Soprano

Tiny speakers in the legs.


Bone conducting


Shokz OpenRun



Loop noise filter


No earbuds, no earrings but earplugs.

Loop filter

Custom fit

You can buy custom molded in-ear monitors.
You go to an audiologist,
He makes an impression of your ear,
Send it to the factory,
Wait until they ship your custom-fit IEM.
Oh yeah, you have to pay a substantial amount of money too.


Why not roll your own?


Take a pair of Sonomax Eers headphones.

Put them in your ears while attached to the thingy below.

Pull the trigger and don’t move your jaw for 5 minutes and you have your custom mold.

Source: eerscustom fit earphones