A little bit of Latin

Yes, Latin helps in case of headphones.


What kind of headphone do you have?
Oh, a circumaural one.
What the hell is that?
Oh, that’s one surrounding the pinnae.


Circumaural headphones surround the ear.

Sennheiser HD 800


Supra-aural headphones sit on top of the ears

Sennheiser HD 414


Intra-aural ends our Latin lesson.
These are placed in the ear.

Earbuds are placed directly outside the ear canal


B&O A8

IEM (In Ear Monitor) are inserted in the ear canal

Etymotic HF 5


You might conjecture up the Latin your self, one sitting on top of your head

Jecklin Float

Custom fit

You can buy custom molded in-ear monitors.
You go to an audiologist,
He makes an impression of your ear,
Send it to the factory,
Wait until they ship your custom-fit IEM.
Oh yeah, you have to pay a substantial amount of money too.


Why not roll your own?


Take a pair of Sonomax Eers headphones.

Put them in your ears while attached to the thingy below.

Pull the trigger and don’t move your jaw for 5 minutes and you have your custom mold.

Source: eerscustom fit earphones