Denafrips Ares US$ 680



Amanero USB Interface

Added 2017

DiDit DAC212SE 3995,00



  1. AES/EBU
  2. Toslink; 2 coaxial 1 optical
  3. USB
  4. I2S input via HDMI (pinout user configurable via app)
  5. bluetooth data (iOS and Android app)
  6. bluetooth streaming aptX codec:
    1. aptX
    2. AAC
    3. MP3
  7. XLR balanced output

Other features include:

  1. software select-able gain, independent for headphone or XLR output
  2. independent setting of operational mode (DAC or pre-amp) for headphone or XLR output
  3. HDMI can be configured to connect up to 4 extra coaxial inputs via a special adaptor cable
  4. bluetooth audio streaming
Added 2016