Ravenna was introduced in 2010.

Ravenna is a place in Italy where Dante was buried

Open Technology

Unlike most other existing networking solutions, RAVENNA is an open technology standard without a proprietary licensing policy. Interested parties are invited to participate in the ongoing development activities. In order to emphasize this open approach, ALC NetworX has  teamed-up with renowned companies from the Pro-Audio market to present a variety of RAVENNA-powered devices.

Standard Protocols

RAVENNA is an IP-based solution. As such it is based on protocol levels on or above layer 3 of the OSI reference model. All protocols and mechanisms used within RAVENNA are based on widely deployed and established methods from the IT and audio industry or comply with standards as defined and maintained by international standardization organizations like IEEE, IETF, AES and others.

Source: Ravenna

RAVENNA Virtual Sound Card is available for Windows.

It has WDM drivers for recording and playback.

Merging Technologies Hapi $2,495 / € 2.356

This is the smaller version of the Horus aptly called Hapi

Digital I/O

Synchronization I/O

Sample Rate support

User Interface

A modular design supporting Ravenna.

HAPI Base unit + 8 Line Out up to DSD/DXD £2,608.00


At the PC site Merging has ASIO2 (Win) and CoreAudio drivers.

This enables you to use any media player on Win supporting ASIO and send this to the Hapi DAC.


Merging Technologies Nadac US$10,500 / €9.799

One of the very few IP DACs targeting the audiophile community.



Genelec  8430A IP SAM™ studio monitor

Active speaker with AES67/Ravenna input introduced in 2016.




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