Portable USB headphone amps

Specs as supplied by the manufacturer.

Herus $ 350.00


Small PCM and DSD capable USB DAC

63.5mm (2.5in) long, by 31.7mm (1.25in) wide and 19mm (0.75in) high.


USB Audio 2.0 Asynchronous protocol

DSD64 and DSD128

PCM at 24bits up to 352.8Ks/S.

Capable of driving 2.4V RMS, (ie 6.8V pk-to-pk) into headphones from 600 Ohms to 32 Ohms. The distortion in all cases is better than 0.005% (85dB): the measured THD+N is typically 89dB for 32 Ohms and 90dB (about 0.003%) for 600 Ohms.