Anyone familiar with tagging classical knows what is supplied as Meta data by the common internet databases is often a bit of a mess.


CHI addresses this problem in a couple of ways.

This tagger saves you a lot of time tagging your classical collection.


The Composer says Bach.

Activate the button on the right of this field and take your pick!

This is the big trick using the Tagger; get the composer right first.


Once you have the composer, tag the composition in the same manner using the pick-list.

This requires the composition to be available in the database.

You can easily check available composers in the MusiCHI Clean Menu

The pick list with compositions allows you to sort by catalogue, opus and composition.


This is where this tagger shines, instrumentation, name, nickname, rank, opus, catalog, tonality and year of the composition, it is all there.

Instruments, genre and style

Pick list for instruments, genre and style.


An alternative to manual editing is invoking the Cleaner.
You simply select a bunch of tracks and let the Cleaner find the right values for Composer, Artist and Composition.