Foobar 2000 mobile

Version 1.2.1 ARM 64-bit


One of the veterans of Windows audio players has become mobile.
It is freeware.
It has its own forum.


You can browse by the usual tags as Album, Album Artis, Genre, etc. but also by folder.


You can also search.


The composer tag is supported as well.


If you select a composer, you get albums.

I mentioned this because often tracks are returned sorted by number.
In case of classical  totally useless.



Extensive DSP options including EQ and crossfeed.


UPnP is supported as well.
You can use your mobile as a renderer (browsing and playing music stored on a UPnP server).



A versatile and reliable audio player.
Supports the composer tag in the right way making it suit for selecting classical.
Its advanced search also support tags like Conductor, Chorus, Orchestra, Soloist and Instrument.