Tested V5.2 Demo

A free full functional demo with a limited maximum continues play time.

Personal version 29,50 Euro including updates and future versions.


An impression




Interface is album based.

You can scroll or use the search box to find the albums you want.

Can't scale the size of the pic's


You can choose all kind of information to be displayed as thumbnail text but the Composer tag won't be displayed.

For some reason the composer tags are not recognized.


Double clicking an album opens tracks.




Extensive editing panel with some narrow fields

Tags form FreeDB and

You can do a manual lookup but the procedure is a bit tedious

A six step procedure to find the album in CDDB

Cover art can also be retrieved using Google Image

Audio drivers


Beside DS, ASIO is supported

Nice because it will deliver bit perfect output.

ASIO is tied to your hardware, either it comes with ASIO support or it doesn't.

Makes you wonder why they don't support WASAPI, bit perfect output and not hardware dependent.

Audio engine: BASS lib by Un4seen Developments


Scanning the audio files is fast

Audio files

WMA, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, APE, WavPack, MusePack and the OptimFROG.

AAC/Alac not supported due to licencing issues but they do provide a workaround.