Advanced system settings

Restore point

Crucial if you start to fool around with drivers, services etc.
Make a Restore Point first, you can use this to roll back.

Page file

Having told you that all this tweaks don’t do anything at all, this might actually be a useful one.
If your media player supports memory playback it will load the song in memory to avoid access to the HD during playback.
As Win has a mind of its own, it might decide to swap this chunk of memory to the page file. When your media player starts playing it will read the file form ‘memory’ so the page file is accessed. In case you don’t know a page file is a file and files are stored on your HD.
Obvious you can’t get proper memory playback without disabling the page file.

Setting the Processor Scheduling to Background Service might help as it gives higher priority to audio drivers.

Visual effects

Should improve performance by lowering the need for CPU to generate the animations.