SongKong is an automatic tagger.
You can’t edit anything manual.
You select a folder and it will tag the audio using its own JThink Music Server.
This server gets its data from the MusicBrainz and Discogs.
It not only uses meta data for the lookup but supports acoustic fingerprinting as well.


It also claims to understand classical music.
Up till today a lot of databases including  MusicBrainz store the composer in the Artist Tag.
SongKong tries to decipher the composer and store it in the composer field.

It also has a custom tag for the composition called Work.
Likewise it has tags for Opus, Catalog, etc.



Select a folder and click Fix Songs


You get a plethora of options.


SongKong generates a report in HTML

The most interesting one is what has been changed and what has been added.

This very useful info as you can see how SongKong meddles with your standard tags.


I don’t think the change to the album is an improvement.
Without the name of the composer it becomes pretty nondescript.


Might be a limitation of the database because Prokofiev is loud and clear on the cover.

Version 4.4 added a nice function; add composer to the album title.




Russian ain't my stronghold.

I send this to the developer. It is a bug that is fixed in 4.2.


Artist is nice, not only the quartet but the members as well.


Fields Added

I will leave out the more technical ones like ACOUSTIV_ID etc



An impressive list.

As a lover of classical music MOOD Extremely bored caught my eye :)


WORK is of course the major one. This tagger indeed understands classical.

OPUS is also very important.


Tried some Schubert

Indeed SongKong knows the catalog.

Important as almost any composer do have a catalog today.

Next question: do all databse entries have the catalog?

The answer is of course no.


SongKong handles classical as it should be handled.

SongKong Standard £20 ($32 USD)


bliss Jakoiz
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